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Youth group ”ОтГОворните”

”ОтГОворните”, translated as ”The responsibles”, is a 5 member youth group. Every one of them has different abilities and that is what makes them a great team. They could start their cause by their own thanks to the long experience they had before in youth activities.

The two syllables ”ГО” represent the town they are working and living in – Горна Оряховица (Gorna Oryahovitsa). The cause “The responsibles” aims to awaken the young people of Gorna Oryahovitsa and to make them realise the life and future of that city. They want to share with people and show them that they feel responsible for their city, its future and its citizens.

One of the first initiatives ”ОтГОворните” started was ”social wardrobe” where people can leave clothes they don’t need or take what they need but they have so much more to offer.

We had the honor to have an interview with two members of this Youth group – Vanya Simeonova and Daniel Bozhankov.

Listen more about their team and activities below.

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