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Youth Exchange As a Cultural Awareness- Interview with Kaloyan Matekov

Kaloyan Matekov first heard about Erasmus exchange programs a few years ago. His first youth exchange was in Poland. It was so emotional, special, and memorable for him. After participating in the project, he realized that he loves it all very much and has participated in about 15 projects to date.

Kaloyan is from Bulgaria. Now, he lives in Sliven and prepares for the University exams. He Has a special attitude towards foreign languages.  Speaks  English, Russian, Turkish, Knows Italian, learns Georgian

“You realize how small you are and how big is the world. They make widen your perspectives”- said kaloyan.
So, Our interview series’ next guest is  Kaloyan Matekov. We are talking about Erasmus Youth exchange,  educational issues, non-formal education,  youngsters, experiences, and challenges. 

Enjoy listening!

Journalists: Oleh Horb, Tamar Chkhikvadze

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