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“Young People together”- interview with local volunteers

“Young People together” – this is a project of the name which is Held by the non-formal organization “Thirst for life” in Sliven.  Their goals are to inform the young Generation and children about the problem of aggression and violence, make activities about this topic, and help children to solve this problem. The project is staffed by foreign and local volunteers. The organization is actively working with Persons, who are living at Nadejda settlement, which is also known as the Roma neighborhood of Sliven.

Stefka Nikolaeva and    Ivelina Arshikova are local volunteers in the project. They are living, learning in Sliven, and trying to change things for the better in Sliven. 

 They are E-volution Media staff guests today. In our interview, we are talking about the project, their experience, and their planning activities. 

According to the project, on 21 October, on Thursday, in the park of Asenovska, they will make interactive games for children. Every interested person and children will be able to take part in interactive games.


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