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What’s it like to be a foreigner in Bulgaria?

Being a foreigner has both positive and negative sides. On the one hand, its one of the most valuable experiences one could ever have, while on the other hand it can turn into the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced.

One of the most positive aspects of travelling to another country is that it broadens your horizon. Getting out of the comfort zone is the key to keep your interest in life. At the same time, going to another country by yourself can be even scary since there is no one else to rely on and the local people belong to different culture.

Bulgaria is one of the destinations, that’s very popular among the foreigners. Its one of the oldest countries on the European continent, its a country with rich history and culture, remarkable for its variety of scenery. Its high mountains and beautiful Black sea attract many visitors. Some of them choose to stay, fascinated by its beauty, while others decide to go back to their homes due to different kind of reasons.

How do foreigners feel in a country like Bulgaria? We’ll find out in this weekly show.

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