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Vocational High School of Tourism “Dr. Vasil Beron”

Vocational High School of Tourism “Dr. Vasil Beron” is one of the most developing and innovative schools in Veliko Tarnovo area.

Together with the teachers, students are constantly working on exciting projects in different fields. They know very well that self-improvement comes not only during the regular classes, which are a compulsory element of the school programme. That is why the also dedicate a lot of time to extracurricular activities, which make them more organized, more skillful, more satisfied of their own work and the results they achieve.

The school is open to visitors every last Thursday of the month. There is also a questionnaire on the interest of candidate students, that parents and their kids who would like to continue their education at the school can fill in. The questionnaire is a game and a research at the same time.

To share more about the initiatives of the school, our guest was Yanislav Vasilev, last-year student at the biggest high school in the region.

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