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Tryavna summer camp

Ivo can easily tell you which waste we can recycle, Alexandra speaks English very well, Vesela is very fond of environmental games, Monica especially loves nature- these kids are a small part of the team I met a week ago in the city of Tryavna, in an environmental summer camp. The summer camp was held by “Heroes of the Planet ” and the camp was jointly implemented with a Commission for Combating Antisocial Behaviour by Minors and Adolescents at the municipality of Tryavna. 

Every morning 20 children would gather at the house of Popangelova for a week, and start the morning actively.

The week was filled with lots of fun and interesting activities, during which the children learned how with minimal changes in their lifestyle, they could be helping planet Earth. Each day was different and related to a different issue. Most enjoyable though is that these kids can take care of each other and nature with play. 



As part of the activities, the children made soaps and candles with their own hands. “My favorite thing in this camp was making soaps and candles.  I love nature. It’s impossible to live without this.  I was very excited when I was getting ready to come here. I have a dream to respect nature more and keep it clean- said Anita Ivova Kavaldghieva,  9 years old girl from Tryavna.

On the last day of the camp, children visited “the Street hearts” dog shelter in the village of Glushka, Dryanovo. There, the small campers took part in educational games and met the four-legged occupants of the shelter. It was after visiting the dog shelter that Steliana Rosnova Tsaneva decided to volunteer to go to the same shelter. “Dogs are human’s best friends, if you are a lonely person and need to kill some time, dogs seriously help people. That’s why people are saying: dogs are people’s best friends”-Told me Steli when I asked her about the decision. 


Ilenia Georgieva Yovcheva has been leading children’s activities all week. “For me, this is so special. We are playing with kids, we are trying to educate them. I think the main goal is to spread these positive changes. I enjoyed all this time, in this project with children” -said Ilenia. 



Atila Akata is 26 years old, He is from Turkey and he is a volunteer in “The planet of the heroes” project. He was planning activities for the kids for a week with other volunteers.  Atila shared with us his impressions about the environmental project. -” Environmental projects are always important because the global warming problem is devastating everything around us.  There is a lack of information about climate change and this is the source of the problem. If this kind of project helps people to learn about how they reduce their effect on nature, we can manage to prevent bad effects to nature, we call it reducing carbon footprint. We think about how to reduce the carbon footprint”.

An environmental summer camp is expected to be held next year as well. 

More pictures from the event you can see in the gallery below.

Tamar Chkhikvadze

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