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Three days of hard work and real outcomes concerning EVS during a SOHO training in Latvia

More and more young people around Europe and youth organizations have already dealt with EVS /European Voluntary Service/. Up to now there are quite experienced organizations, mentors, project coordinators, etc. Up to now there are a lot of life changing projects and a lot of young people in the role of change makers in different communities and environment.

EVS is a programme activity financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme. EVS is a “learning service”: through experience the volunteer can improve or develop skills that help towards personal, professional and educational development.

A perfect step to get deeper in the EVS is to take part in a SOHO training course. The word SOHO comes fron Sending organization – Hosting organization: main actors in all the EVS experience. Such a course took place on 9-13 May in Riga, Latvia and gathered 24 people from different countries: progarmm /from the EU/ and partner /neighbouring the EU/ countries. It was led by experienced trainers in the fields of EVS and non formal learning. Because of this the participants could increase their knowledge, skills and attitude as EVS mentors, project coordinators, supervisors.

The SOHO international training course

aims at enhancing the quality of European Voluntary Service (EVS) projects. It supports the development of essential competences among support persons from hosting, sending and coordinating organisations. SOHO also provides up-to-date information for its participants regarding the opportunities within the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme.

The SOHO training course is designed for those who are directly involved in the EVS support system. The hosting, sending and coordinating side (e.g. mentors and task-related support persons). They play a crucial role in establishing the conditions that are required for quality voluntary service and creating opportunities for the volunteers’ learning throug the EVS.

The overall aim of the SOHO training course is to increase the quality of EVS activities through development of competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) of these key actors. The specific objectives of the SOHO course are to:

  • get a better understanding of the EVS as a “learning service” and the quality aspects related to it
  • improve the ability for cooperation and working in international partnerships
  • reflect upon the roles, responsibilities and challenges within the EVS volunteer support system
  • raise awareness with regards to the learning dimension within EVS activities and provide tools for learning support
  • support the recognition of non-formal learning in EVS activities through the competent implementation of Youthpass
  • provide up-to-date information about the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme

In addition, SOHO training courses are an excellent opportunity for EVS support persons to exchange their experiences, share good practices and build informal partnerships.

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