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The Traditional Rebel Games “Haidushka Meetings”

Traditional, Bulgarian rebel games “Haidushka meetings ” was held on May 6, St. George’s Day, along the Haidushka Trail and on Slancheva Polyana, Karandila area in Sliven. This year, due to the great interest, in addition to carrying a bag of wine, a separate bonus game was organized for herdsmen – climbing the Hajduk Trail with a bag of flour – 25 kg. 

The organizer is again the Old Elm Foundation, and the prizes for the winners are provided by the Municipality of Sliven.

Heroic Games is an event created in honor of Hadji Dimitar’s birthday – May 10 and May 6 – St. George’s Day, inspired by the memories of the voivode Panayot Hitov in his notes “How I became a bandit”.

It has begun with the ascent of the “Haidushkata path” with a 43-liter bottle of wine, made by the legendary Sliven voivode Hadji Dimitar in 1862. Participants climbed the distance from the beginning to the end of the Hajduk Trail and carried the weight (43 liters) without assistance and aid.  

during the days the participant had got the opportunity to take place fighting, throwing a huge stone, throwing a knife and other traditional activities. The people could taste traditional Bulgarian kitchen, listen to the music, dance Bulgarian khoro and enjoy beautiful Karandila spring landscapes.

Here are a couple of shots from the sunny and funny ” Haidushka meetings”



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