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Textile- Art And Design – Exhibition At National Art School

Colorful designs, diverse patterns, bright tissues, dreamer colors, well-known or unknown objects, and inspirations -that is a small part of the description of the exhibition which was held at the National art school “Dimitar Dobrovich”. The department of Textile- Art, and Design opened a new exhibition at the Nova gallery. The event continued with a lecture and workshop on “Handmade Paper”.

The exhibitions featured works on textile design n material by students in the second year of Bachelor’s degree in 2019: Emma Eftimova, Gabriela Petrova, Stanislava Pavlova, Ira Zhivkova, Kristina Nikolova and Tsveta Apostolova, Design projects of the 2nd year bachelors of 2020: Kamelia Topalova, Mila Pavlova, Neda Todorova and Alexandra Stoyanova, as well as projects of designs from the collections of graduates in 2018 Bachelors: Yasmin Bosnak, Alexandra Tvsetkova, Stanislava Pavlova and Masters: Niya Yakimova, Joana Ivanova, Irina Vasileva and Stanimira Peeva. 

during the exhibition the teachers, students, designers and visitors had the opportunity to see lots of new and exciting work.

Irina Vasileva is from Sliven, she is an artist, textile designer and teacher at the National Art school.  Irina loves Textile and design, it really makes her happy. At the exhibition was introduced her patterns which were inspired by the sea world and colors. her project name is “dive into the deep”. -” I feel a  very strong connection to the sea. ever since I was a child, My father always told me stories about diving, scuba-diving, about the sea. it’s a very special topic for me and become the main inspiration for my project. I love working with colors, that is my passion.  “- said Irina.

The main message of her project to the public is you should not be afraid to wear a bright color and bold prints. you should be confident and strike everything that would you like.

“ every generation is very different and has different ways of thinking but what brings us all together is the sense of color and the typical coloration that we care about very strongly. Studying painting in our specialty contributes a lot to that. The attitude towards color is key. That’s why a lot of the patterns in today’s exhibition are directed towards that. Of course, there’s work put into the details and ornaments too”- said Tsveta Yavasheva – Teacher of Textile technology in the specialty – of Textile Art and Design at the National Academy of Art, Sofia. 

The national art school is going to continue the exhibitions series. “ Design is part of the study program of our specialty in the 2nd course and the students that want to continue to develop in this area can make this Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Design- told us Tsveta Yavasheva end of the interview. 

The current exhibition will be going on until 13 May


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