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Skills Reveal – A Youth Exchange hosted in Golden Sands Bulgaria

Skills Reveal is an international youth exchange project financed through the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The project connected 48 young participants from 6 European countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Estonia, Italy and Slovakia, that will gather for 7 days of activities between 19-25 July 2021 in Golden Sands, Bulgaria. The project was elaborated by 6 organization from these countries and will be hosted by the Bulgarian NGO Social Hub. (

The purpose of “Skills Reveal” project was to provide young people with entrepreneurship education, offering them new learning experience and helping them develop a set of life and business skills that are important for their career and personal growth, thus creating a better match between abilities of young people and requirements of current social and economic environments. The objectives that we have settled and accomplished were:

1. To develop entrepreneurial skills to the 48 participants, through youth exchange activities and
initiation of plans for 5 feasible start-up ideas.
2. To deliver young people practical entrepreneurial tools, reunited in a guide brochure that is to be
further distributed in communities.3. To motivate young people and promote youth entrepreneurship, creating and promoting motivational videos. By educating the participants and multiplying the results of the project, we can contribute to the fact that young people enhance their skills, discover their talents and creative potential, finding motivation to turn their ideas into a business

As a result, there can be created more employment opportunities in the community and there can be stimulated the innovations, leading to economic growth. Project activities were based on non-formal education methods such as: team buildings, interactive presentations, mental maps, strategic and educational games, brainstorming and brain writing techniques, self-analysis and self-evaluation methods, moderated discussions and debates, public speaking, graphic facilitation, theater and role-playing, teamwork, learning though experience and example, intercultural learning.

You can follow our activity at:

This project was financed with the support of European Commission through Erasmus+ programme. This communication reflects only the point of view of the author and the Commission is not responsible for the use of the information contained in this communication.

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