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Media manipulation – topic of another youth exchange in Mindya, which brought together 30 participants from 4 countries

30 young people from Ukraine, Georgia, Greece and Bulgaria gathered for seven days from September 8 to September 15 in the Veliko Turnovo village of Mindya to work and discuss issues related to media manipulation, fake news and propaganda. This was the main topic of the Youth Exchange “Media Manipulation[…]

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Life with a minimal footprint – a leading motif during the Youth Exchange “The Art of Earth”

27 young people from Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Croatia and Bulgaria exchanged experience and knowledge on environmental issues and measures at the individual, collective and global levels that can be taken. They learned to knead bread, to recognize plants and their beneficial properties, to prepare natural cosmetics at home, to compost,[…]

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MOWE UP – MObility of Workers and UnEmployed UPgrade

No matter how skeptical some people are towards the European Union and, especially European funded projects, those projects definitely give wonderful results. A recent example is project MoweUp, whose aim is to support the mobility and job opportunities of unemployed people or people looking for a change in the regions[…]

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Erasmus + gives wings!

Erasmus + has been one of the most popular EU programmes in recent years. A lot of money is invested in this programme in order to give the opportunity to young people, youth workers, teachers, specialist to travel, discover other nations and cultures, exchange good practices, cooperate and work on[…]

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Vocational High School of Tourism “Dr. Vasil Beron”

Vocational High School of Tourism “Dr. Vasil Beron” is one of the most developing and innovative schools in Veliko Tarnovo area. Together with the teachers, students are constantly working on exciting projects in different fields. They know very well that self-improvement comes not only during the regular classes, which are[…]

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Youth group ”ОтГОворните”

”ОтГОворните”, translated as ”The responsibles”, is a 5 member youth group. Every one of them has different abilities and that is what makes them a great team. They could start their cause by their own thanks to the long experience they had before in youth activities. The two syllables ”ГО”[…]

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DASHE: between tradition and modern sounds

The DASHE project was created in 2016, and presented at the Festival “Wake Up”. Some members have been friends for a long time, others have taken part in the project more recently, but the passion for music has brought the band members on the same path! The members of the band[…]

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