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This is the story of 15 young people from Sliven with mental problems and one woman who became the second “mother” for them.

This woman from Sliven made the reform that the state and institutions had to do for a long time. For almost ten years she has fulfilled the mission of her life – to build and develop a day care center in Sliven and to fight prejudices. It fights people, with the law, with the institutions, with the municipality, even for years, to provide 15 young people with mental and mental problems with day care, joy and a meaningful daily life. To take them out of the trap of isolation and meaningless vegetation and to give human meaning to their lives and their existence on earth. Her name is Kamelia Grozeva, who founded the Charity Foundation, which works with great love for the benefit of young people with mental
In the center, young people are in a safe, secure environment. They create, cook, sport, travel, have fun with many volunteers, and are HAPPY in their own right.
Yet all of this is incredibly difficult and lacking in resources. Or more precisely, they just have nowhere to come.
Our project is born of grief and unhappiness, of love and empathy for the lives of young people with limited opportunities and oppressed by society.
We developed the idea for a Social Café. The premises we have are located in Mladost quarter. We also have a business plan.

When we talked to Kameliya Grozeva she said :

we want to Improving the quality of life and creating conditions for social inclusion of persons with developmental disabilities (mental retardation) and mental disabilities through the acquisition of practical professional skills in a protected environment.

And the project’s objectives :

1. Occupational therapy by setting up a social cafe in Sliven. The project targets 10 disabled people and their relatives. Consumers are also busy making bakery products and selling coffee in a coffee shop. Training of persons to train, acquire professional qualification “pasta”, bartender – waiter and providing work in the social cafe.
2. Increasing the life and social status of the target group representatives by creating supported jobs.
3. Creating conditions for the acquisition, development and upgrading of the professional and work skills of persons with developmental disabilities and mental disabilities through training, support and mentoring programs.
4. Implement a model of social inclusion by stimulating labor activity and creating supported employment for target group representatives with a view to their future realization on the labor market.
5. Building an integrated and adapted work environment for people with intellectual disabilities and mental disabilities with a view to reducing their economic and financial dependency.

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