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PRO organization held the first event of the new project we will be working on. last Friday 10-01-2020 in May Hall, Sliven.
The partner of this project Youth House – Sliven .the duration of the project will be 6 months and this project receives support from the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
Over 150 young people attended this event The project offers students from the last grades a personal and career development program in the context of entrepreneurial thinking and culture, the people form Sliven, St. Zagora and Burgas . and had very good dialogue between speakers and participants.
There were 4 speakers at the event: Valentin Valev, Mihail D. Manev, Aneliya Ivanova and Plamena Dimitrova Petkova.
The program aims to form so-called ‘soft’ skills, to improve the preparedness of about 150 young people for life, to activate and motivate them for their future. This is a contemporary program for “learning by doing” in the thematic areas:
critical thinking and debate, problem-solving, decision making, initiative, goals and purpose,
time management, etc., which are common to all eight competences within the European framework of key competences of adolescents. Building them is an important factor in improving the development of young people’s personality, enhancing motivation, entrepreneurial culture and personal growth.
The rest of the program activities will be carried out in five selected educational establishments by the leading organization in Sliven, in the PR Slaveikov Community Center – Burgas and in the Center for Support of the Personal Development Process – Stara Zagora.
The participants will prepare their educational, life and entrepreneurial projects under the mentorship of experts and young entrepreneurs.
when I talked with the speakers Valentin Valev and Mihail D. Manev after the event and made interview they told me this, we work for young people and this activity to develop skills, critical thinking, discussion, problem-solving, and decision-making. We have 6 months and we will do everything we can to teach the young.
After that we talked with one of the participants she is named Yura Maksimova and said these, this kind of projects benefit us, improves speaking skills, we get information about career, and learn other skills.





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