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Over 70 people checked their knowledge in QuizShow in Veliko Tarnovo

Last week party centre Dzambalaya hosted the third edition of Quiz Show in Veliko Tarnovo.

Quiz Show is a game with question from different fields of life. Teams consisting of 2 to 6 people take part in it. Each team competes against the others in three rounds, each round is 10 minute long and includes 10 questions.

Especially for Veliko Tarnovo the third edition included also a fourth round dedicated to cinema. In addition to the movie questions, all 15 teams checked their knowledge also in the field of science, geography, foreign languages, sport, biology.

Facilitator of the exciting game for friends and families is Tzvetan Mirchev, well-known as Angaloth. He is also a co-founder of the only escape room in Veliko Tarnovo, which brings friends, families, colleagues together to entertain and test their knowledge, team work skills and logical thinking.

The first mysterious room of Logiscape is called “Zaverata” and it offers a unique experience as a part of Bulgarian history. Since recently the attraction offers a second room with the bright name “Smart and beautiful”.

QuizShow and Logiscape are waiting for you.

For more information:

Our interview with Angaloth two days before QuizShow 3.


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