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Our participation in an International partner meeting in Latinovac, Croatia or how the rural life might look like

For some time in my head, there is an idea of ​​returning to the village life – the clean air, the green environment, the land, the close relationship with the people. There in such a place to create a small community of people with common interests based on sharing, mutual help, love and respect for nature in their quest to live a more primitive but much clearer life. Clear from the noises, the stress, the great speed of today that actually takes you to a daily life, in which you do not feel how days, months, years are passing. A life of speed in which the question of the Meaning remains in the background – consciously or unconsciously we are running away from it. And even if it is asked, the answer instantly slips between ourfingers.

In the village life the same question stands, but there seems “the circle of our completion” to be finished and closed for a longer time – our personality to be full and complete. I am definitely not the first, not to mention the only one, who has gone through all of this through – just the stages of the awareness of a person come at a certain moment.

Part of my idea I saw realized during my participation in an International Partner Meeting in the village of Latinovac, Croatia.

From 22 to 27 May at the Latinoac Eco Center – a village in eastern Croatia, near the border with Bosnia, an International

partner meeting brought together 17 participants from different European countries. The shared among the participants is that they all share interests in volunteering, permaculture, community life, non-formal education. Within these days, good practices have been exchanged in the work on international Erasmus + volunteer projects, permaculture farming, we have learned more about life in rural areas remote from civilization and how five young people have told STOP of city life, about to live more peacefully and close to nature.

The history of the center in Latinovac village,

which numbered 55 people, in one form or another, began in 1995 as summer camps for peace. Naturally this is the period of the Balkan Wars and the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia. These camps invite young people from the former Yugoslavia to work together on seminars, trainings, projects and activities that build awareness, trust, communication skills and lasting friendships. More about the history of this campus can be found here:

Latinovac Eco Center, as it stands, has been in existence since 2014, at the moment there are several young people who have decided to turn away the big city and the dynamic life and to return to the village. The Center works actively on volunteer projects under the European Commission’s Erasmus + Education, Training, Youth and Sport program. Thanks to its work with volunteers from other countries, the eco center has increased little by little the population of the village with young people who have remained in the village after completing their projects. Two people from Spain and Portugal have found their love at Latinovac during the implementation of their projects, and it is said that if you are in Latinovac you must fall in love.

The Eco Centar has its own newspaper,

and part of the center’s future plans are to reach more young people from the region by organizing events and a festival. A new idea was born during the international meeting – to make a radio studio in partnership with local schools and radio stations where young people will be able to gain experience in journalism and ideas on projects and initiatives will be shared on the air associated with the Erasmus + work. Radio E-Volution will look and help with the development of that space with interest and pleasure, and we will look forward to the realization of joint projects and ideas.

More photos from the meeting can be found in the gallery:

During the meeting a song was born about the preparation and work on volunteer projects:


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