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No pollution in Rotterdam – An Erasmus plus exchange

Balanced athmosphere of fun and learning is in the base of the non-formal and informal learning methodology! This probably is the best way to gain new skills, knowledge and competences on different issues and in the same way to have great time and find new friends. As already a lot of people know all this is possible and it is part of the Erasmus+ program goals. And if the learning is on an important topic the experrince of being part of such a project could be really nice. A project like this took place in Rotterdam, Netherlands in the middle of December 2018 –  “No pollution-It’s sollution”.

The Youth exchange financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission gathered more than 30 people from Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain for eight days to discuss and share ideas and knowledge on ecological problems. Global warming, waste production, different policies for managing the ecological problems in the mentioned countries were some of the most common topics. During the exchange were noticed also the carbon footprint, eco-friendly lifestyle, responsible consumption, youth role in climate solution and other important staff on how we see our future on the ecological field.

Some of the objectives of the project were:

* To build knowledge of project participants on Climate Change science with theoretical and practical opportunities to live more environmentally friendly (causes, consequences, impacts on local and global level, eco- friendly living).
* To empower participants with the competences to address community environmental needs through campaign.
* To encourage participants to further use a social media and youth portals to promote eco-friendly lifestyle and empower them to multiply competencies gained during the Youth Exchange in their local communities by spreading outputs of the project (project video, press releases, photos and etc.)
* To promote youth interactions, networking and partnerships;

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