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Nayden Doynov – Be friendly, be ready take things that you have to know and to be able to love it!


Sergejs: Hello everyone we’re starting interview and we start talking with guitar teacher and the first question is – tell us more about yourself and what you do?

Nayden: Ok, so I started 8 years ago, yeah, this is the eight year I started years ago a guitar school, which is based here in Sliven. It was after a long time I worked abroad. I worked about seven years in Dubai, before that I was in Cyprus and Turkey and dealing with guitar, working for some music schools. So basically what I’m doing, I’m teaching guitar and trying to develop this kind of culture and I’m trying to make the guitar more popular instrument and on the proper way hopefully and we have a lot of concerts which is not that often unfortunately in our town but we’re trying our best. I have graduated classical guitar and this is my instrument. Of course I’m dealing with electric guitar as well but my first instrument is classical guitar.

Sergejs: Ok and what is your musical background?

Nayden: Well I started to play guitar when I was 9 years old yeah I think and since then I haven’t stopped to play because the best way to learn an instrument and to learn the music by itself is to go and study music and I studied in the music academy and that was the Bachelor degree then I have also I have Master degree and this year hopefully I’ll start PhD about guitar.

Sergejs: And why did you choose to play the guitar and when did your love to music begin?

Nayden: Well the time when I started was during the socialism and that time was how to say not so friendly about this kind of this kind of events or whatever but probably I have been excited and yeah probably I have been excited from the bands that time, which were in Bulgaria, bands like Signal, FSB and this kind of bands and I was lucky because all of my friends we were very close to the rock music and I decided – Oh, that is interesting let’s try to deal with it!, and that how to say, that was my hobby and then it became my work.

Sergejs: And what is to be a guitar teacher?

Nayden: It’s a difficult job, if I have to be honest, because you have to do your best to do the things on the proper way but on the same time the students they shouldn’t be bored of that and you have to find the balance about it, it’s not easy.

Sergejs: And when did you start to give guitar lessons?

Nayden: It was a long time ago… probably 1991.

Sergejs: And where are you teaching?

Nayden: I’m based in here in Sliven it’s close to the Centre.

For the rest of the interview, please, listen to the uploaded file.

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