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MOWE UP – MObility of Workers and UnEmployed UPgrade

No matter how skeptical some people are towards the European Union and, especially European funded projects, those projects definitely give wonderful results.

A recent example is project MoweUp, whose aim is to support the mobility and job opportunities of unemployed people or people looking for a change in the regions on both sides of the Danube river in Bulgaria and Romania.

The project brings together municipalities, institutions, NGOs, business organisations. A platform allows people to check their carrier orientation with different self-assessment tools, receive advice how to improve their skills and present themselves better while applying for a job. The platform is interactive. It offers videos, tests and many useful links. Information is based on real life examples of people practising some of the most popular jobs on the cross-border region. The project is co-financed by Interreg Programme.

To the platform:

An interview with Tatyana Gicheva, a representative of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Dobrich, Bulgaria and a project coordinator of MoweUp, you can hear below:

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