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Media Games / Youth work

How to use media manipulation to your own advantage

Description of the tool

The group is divided into two subgroups, interviewers and interviewees, and are separated.
One trainer stays with the group of interviewees and assigns random roles and professions . A second trainer will stay with the interviewers and assigns random tasks.
A sample of the roles assigned could be: Banker, Student, Migrant, Prostitute, etc…
A random task is for interviewers to demonstrate something through the interview: Demonstrate this person is corrupt, demonstrate this person is a saint, demonstrate this person poor and needs help, etc…
Once the two groups are ready, each interviewer is assigned an interviewee, and they carry out the interviews, none of them has to say their role or their task.
Then the group shall return together and the trainers will collect feedback from the group about how the manipulation went and how they divided roles.
This will introduce a presentation/discussion on Media Manipulation.

Understand what stereotypes the media can have about certain topics, and way they try to manipulate the news in order to get to their goals, and collecting recommendations from the group on how to defend from that and use it to the NGOs advantage.

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