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Meant to be a Mentor: Workbook for EVS mentors

The “Meant to be a Mentor” workbook is meant to serve as a practical guide for EVS mentors working with their volunteer(s). Its content and activities guide mentors step by step through the whole EVS project cycle.
Aims of the tool

Raising awareness about the learning process of a volunteer and a mentor

» to be conscious of the learning processes volunteers and mentors are involved in
» to be able to identify key moments in the volunteer’s and their own development,
» to understand better how learning, development and personal change occur.

Developing knowledge and skills of a mentor

» to see EVS mentoring as a long-term process and know their various roles and tasks as a mentor within this process
» to be able to define their role in the entire EVS volunteer support structure within the new Erasmus+ Programme and understand better their valuable contribution,
» to develop skills and be able to apply different tools and methods to support EVS volunteers,
» to improve their own reflection skills and be capable of better facilitating the reflection of the learning process and outcomes of another person.

Connecting and sharing experience with other mentors

» to share mentoring experience,
» to connect with other mentors,
» to create a support network of mentors.
Description of the tool

How to make the best out of this workbook:

1. Follow the outline of the chapters
2. Find a partner to learn/practise with
3. Take notes and reflect on your experience
4. Share and discuss your experience with other

Mentors can carry out the activities with their volunteers, reflect on their experience and share their good practise in an online community (a link to this online commmunity of mentors is provided inside the workbook).

Available downloads:

Workbook for EVS mentors


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