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Me And My Civil Rights Seminar


Understanding the civil rights of people in a democratic society, raising the activity among young people, active involvement of young people in local government, and the opportunities for young people provided by the European and national funding, were part of the topics of the training seminar “Me and my civil rights”. The training was a part of the project “Dialogue-Action-Impact: Youth Energy in the Local Community”, funded by the National Program for Young People (2016-2020), Ministry of Youth and Sports. The training was held in Kotel and it brought together young people from three different municipalities – Municipality of Nova Zagora, Municipality of Kotel and Municipality of Tvardica. The event was opened by Daniel Boychev, who is the project manager. He made the introduction – spoke about the project and its goals, also the goals of the National Program for Young People( 2016-2020). In the next panels, Aneliya Ivanova talked about civil rights, the understanding of civil rights, how young people can contribute to the local community. Anton Ivanov, who is a manager of local media, spoke about effective communication, the role of the media in society and the positive and negative sides of social media. Yanica Vusheva spoke about economic, work, government, and for the opportunities for young people provided by the European and national funded programs. During the event, the participants played many role games, connected with the topics. There were special guests on the event – the Erasmus + volunteers from Turkey – Ömer Karabacak and Umut Çelik. The successfully made connections with young people and talked about future projects and events. On the last day the participants visited The Museum of Nature and Science in Kotel.


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