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Made in Bulgaria – Documentary series about gourmet culture in Bulgaria

Part of the gourmet culture of Bulgaria is to be presented in the form of a short documentary series of four episodes “Made in Bulgaria”. The initiative is of young people from different countries who are part of the international volunteer team of the Association “BRCK”. The whole shooting process lasted two months, and some of the places where the lens of the series passed are Strandzha Mountain, Sofia, Stara Zagora and Belene.

The series is part of the long-term project “Grab the Mic”,

co-financed by the European Solidarity Corps program of the European Commission, which the Association has been implementing since mid-2019. The project, which is being developed in Sliven, aims to develop the civic culture of young people through work in online media, and learning about a different culture is an additional dividend for the participants. Within a year and a half, six young people from Latvia, Turkey, Georgia and France took part in it.

By the end of November, according to the plan, the series should be released on social networks, and what are the main ingredients of our favorite products – tradition, passion and sustainability is the answer that young documentarians have reached.


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