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Madara Romenkova – If you have some ideas – realize them!


Sergejs: Please introduce yourself and name of your organisation

Madara: Okay, my name is Madara Romenkova and i come from Latvia and our organisation name is “Ikšķiles Jaunieši” if you translate to the English its… “Ikšķile” is the name of the city and “Jaunieši” is „youth”, so “Ikšķiles” youth club.

Sergejs: Okay, and what is the place where you are working? Tell us more information about this place where you are working?

Madara: The location you mean?

Sergejs: Yeah.

Madara: We have our own youth rooms or the area where we have one big room for the people or youth to hang out and as well we have our own office now starting this past week where we have like computers available and just kind of for all the kids and all that but its all located in our city Ikšķile and it’s a in the building where there are like two floors. In the first floor there is a post office and we are located in the second floor and in the future we are planning to have the whole floor for us, so we can increase the room to be able to accept even more people there.

Sergejs: Very nice, and when was the organisation founded?

Madara: This is a good question. I try to contact my boss but he didn’t not answer right away, so I started to work there this year but i think the organisation is a bit older if I’m not lying about 2 or 3 years.

For the rest of the interview, please, listen to the uploaded file.

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