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Life with COVID-19

Today is July 27, 2020 and the world is still fighting against the virus named COVID-19. It started at the beginning of the year and from that time a lot of things changed. World health organization told us to keep distance, stay at home, work from home, study from home, wash hands and wear masks. It was very hard for the world. Everything changed in the society. Everything closed and a lot of people were without job.  It was very difficult for young people. They started online learning and it was full of challenges. Homes became classes and online platform was the way to communicate with friends. Cancelled big events, Trainings and some activities.

A lot of countries were suffering from COVID-19.  That time taught us that we will never give up and we have to keep going our life positively as much as it possible. What now? Today situation is getting better. We started real communication with people but by following the rules.

My name is Elza and I am living in Sliven right now. I am volunteer from Georgia, in Radio E-volution. When I came here all kind of activities were cancelled, no trainings, no meetings. I wanted to know Sliven better, the city of Bulgaria but I did not have a chance. Many things changed and I feel that we are starting normal life now. Several days ago, I had opportunity to attend the seminar, meet the people and talk with them. It was holding in an open space because of the virus. It is advice from WHO and people follow it.

The event was part of the Project „ PRO THE CHALLENGE“. It is an event for education and giving the knowledge to the young people about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. The young people were able to hear a lecture about the main purpose of entrepreneurship and meeting with the local entrepreneurs who gave them their advices about starting a business. Project will scale up to people in Bulgaria, and beyond borders. More specifically, students and young people in Sliven and other regions of Bulgaria.

The main goals are to facilitate educational processes that aim to help young people to be more competent and responsible. Also,  raise awareness among young people about the opportunities which today’s world offers,  encourage youth innovations and entrepreneurship, develop soft skills in young people by non-formal education practices,  provide young people with practical experience that will help them to grow into accountable and capable adults and support a better and more responsible civil society.



Seminar was full of interesting activities, participants were listening very carefully and asking the questions.  In the end of the project they will receive certificates about being part of such a project.

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