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Let’s Take A Closer Look At “The Story Of Plastic”

The “Story of the Plastic” documentary movie is an eye-opening exploration into the world of plastic pollution and its devastating effects on our environment. This film follows a group of scientists, activists, and everyday people as they investigate the sources of plastic waste in their communities. It illuminates how pervasive this problem has become, from landfills to oceans to even inside us due to microplastics entering our bodies through food or water we consume. The film also highlights some inspiring solutions that are being implemented around the world that can help reduce or eliminate this growing global crisis.


Throughout “Story Of The Plastic”, viewers learn about many aspects regarding plastic production and disposal such as how it’s made from petroleum products like oil and natural gas; what happens when it enters waterways; why recycling isn’t enough; who is responsible for creating these problems in developing countries where there are limited resources for proper disposal methods; what type of health issues arise due to exposure (such as cancer); etcetera . By showing real life examples from different parts of globe – including interviews with experts – viewers gain insight into both sides: those affected by environmental damages caused by plastics but also individuals trying hard every day make changes towards more sustainable future .

“”As the radio evolution team, we were able to watch the story of plastic at the TAM Bar event on March 23.After the screening, Danita Zarichinova held an online question and answer event.Many thanks to TAM BAR””


The message behind Story Of The Plastic is clear: We need collective action now if we want any chance at preserving Earth’s precious resources for generations come.. Fortunately , there are ways each person can contribute : reducing consumption , avoiding single use items whenever possible ; participating in beach cleanups ; supporting legislation aimed at curbing production/disposal practices related to plastics ets… If everyone takes small steps together then perhaps one day soon planet will be free toxic pollutants created by humans over last few decades .


“”Helena Hudek, who interviewed us after the screening.Many Thanks to Helena..””

and you can watch the interview by here.

Melih izci

Video and editing:Melih izci

rapporteur : Tamta khimshiashvili

Voice recorder : Ozan Barış Can


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