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Knowledge of herbs – something worth having.

In midsummer time volunteers from E-volution Radio and Future World Association visited Nadezhda Maksimova in the small mountain village of Yavor to learn about the importance of herbs and how to use them.

As more and more people are moving to the cities and the medical industry has evolved rapidly, all kinds of medications now are available in pharmacies and the knowledge of healing plants has decreased. Sometimes even to the point where this knowledge is perceived as “magic” or “superstition”. It’s just physics, chemistry, and biology. A lot of medications that can be bought in pharmacies use the chemical components of healing plants which have been discovered and used long before any technology was invented to test it.

We must be really grateful to all people who have gained and passed on the same science from generation to generation.

And when you think about it deeper, it’s amazing!

Without any technology, people knew the right season to pick herbs and to pick the right part of the herb (first finding out which ones can or can’t be used). Collect it too early or too late and it can make the plant deadly or useless. Use the wrong part of the plant and it can be deadly or useless. And also understanding the chemical reactions of plants when they are dried, cooked, boiled, or mixed with other plants and products, came long before microscopes.

Nadezhda was kind enough to invite us to her home, taking us on trips in fields and showing the different plants and what to do with them. She gained her knowledge as a result of a lot of reading in different languages, crossing the pages of old books where all this precious information is hidden.

And to make this topic more tricky, try to figure out how people in ancient times figured all that out – which one should be boiled, which dried, which should be used fresh, what part and in what season. Which one is healing on the outside but deadly when consumed.

Did they have some knowledge written in their DNA?

Wisdom from God?


Did they randomly tried everything they found and forced somebody to test it in different ways?

 Understanding the healing powers of herbs and using them wisely can save a lot of money and protect us from possible body damage from using the wrong or too strong medication. Also if you have a garden, it’s very useful to know what plants will help you to protect it from pests.

Vineta Krivane



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