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Japan-South Korea: So Close, Yet So Far

South Korean and Japanese cultures are similar but also very different despite the small distance between South Korea and Japan.

Firstly, their food culture is very similar. They both use chopsticks during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Eat their staple food: rice and soup, and most importantly they eat quietly. It is their part of traditional food culture. Secondly, they share some big similarities in their language, especially grammar structure. Koreans have 14 consonants and 21 vowels, however Japan has three different writing systems. Nevertheless, if Koreans wants to learn Japanese language, it is easy to learn it for them, because of the grammar similarities they have.  Typically, Koreans and Japanese people are very hardworking. It is normal for them to work 6 days a week, without getting paid extra! But after work,they instantly become party animals.

However, there are plenty of differences between these two countries.

Both countries have very strong work ethics, however Koreans are slightly different. They are more “American Style” on how they think and speak. They are quicker to offer their opinions and are more likely to tell you something directly and forwardlyand be less concerned with what everyone thinks about them. But people in Japan arefairer.

About sense of style. People in Korea seem to fall in love with the same thing everytime. When there’s something in style, everyone follows it. But in Japan everyone seem to have their own style. They tend to like and wear “kawaii” or cute related things.

Also Japanese animation, (also known as anime) is a very popular form of animations in Japan, which is quickly spreading all around the world. But not only animation is popular. South Koreans have a music style called K-pop. This music industry gets bigger and bigger everyday, leaving Japanese J-pop behind. In one word, Japanese have luck in animation industry, while South Korea– in music.

Japan and South Korea are wonderful countries, full of entertainment and energy. Their culture isinteresting and engaging for people all around the globe.

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