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International Mother Earth Day

What does the earth mean to us? Is it our home or just one of the planets in the solar system? We often understand the meaning of certain things, when they change and manifest in a way that is strange and alien to us. This is exactly what is happening today. When everything is stopped and the routine of our everyday lives is radically changed, we come to understand that the third planet in the solar system is definitely our home. The house where they lived before us and will live millions of years after us.

Our earth is celebrating its anniversary today. It is already 4.5 billion years old, but somehow we only celebrated for the first time 50 years ago. This day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970. Since then, environmental protection measures have been held in 193 countries each year. In 2016, the so-called „Paris Agreement“ of Historic Significance was signed by 120 countries, according to which a climate protection agreement should be implemented.

Had it not been for COVID-19, this year, April 22 would have traditionally ended with similar events around the world. From April 23, cutting off trees would be resumed, as well as pollution of nature and killing animals, everything that harms the earth.

Maybe this can be a lesson for us? The pandemic will end. Everything will return to the old way of life, but the damage done to the planet earth can not be recovered so easily. We should not be reminded that without the Earth, neither we, nor any life would exist only on April 22. After all this, when you decide to cut off a tree or kill an innocent animal, maybe you will remember that we do not destroy our home for any reason, nor do we treat our family members like that. Happy Birthday to Earth!


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