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Interactive Games for children at Asenovska park

What is your favorite game from childhood? Maybe you loved or love football or basketball, Maybe the game about birds and houses is your favorite or maybe a game about teamwork and team support is more special for you.   Exactly similar games and the event of the “interactive Games’ ‘ took place on 21 October, at the park of Asenovska, in Sliven. The event was organized by the non-formal organization “Thirst for life”, Within the project  “Young People together”. 

 Volunteers of the project goals are to inform the young Generation and children about the problem of aggression and violence, make activities about this topic,  and help children to solve this problem.  The children happily got involved in the games, expressed their emotions, and got pleasure from the evening. Bushra Hirkali is a project volunteer from Turkey. During the evening there she organized various activities for the children.  “ When I was in Turkey I was playing games every time because  I am a camp leader. Basically children like games. I think relationship games are important because children need to know each other, and second, emotional games for trusting themselves, knowing how to be a group, and how to support each other. They can learn from those kinds of games. Sometimes, games say everything- Said Bushra. The volunteers of the  “Thirst for life” plan to make the same kind of activities in school, with teenagers, but As they said  Covid-19 interferes with these activities. 

Iven Todorova is 11 years old. for her interactive games were funny and interesting. -” My favorite game was about Birds and Homes. It was a pleasant evening for me. I will be happy if those kinds of activities will be for the future because we are online at school now and do not go outside. The evening was so good, sunny and with friends”

The volunteers have got hope that everything will be changed and they will be able to make that kind of interactive game for the next time.

Journalists and  photographers: Oleh Horb, Oguzhan Korkmaz, Tamar Chkhikvadze


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