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Ice-breaking games

Participants profile:

Each participant takes randomly one piece of paper with the picture of one participant and ten questions. They have to identify the person on the sheet and ask him/her the questions in ten minutes. The ring goes of and they have to switch to who has them on their piece of paper.

Nightfalls, killerwalks:

Group of 25 people. Participants are forming a circle where everyone can see everyone. Instructor asks everyone to close their eyes, participants who will feel the instructors hand on their shoulder have to open their eyes and those are going to be the Killers, they close their eyes again, and instructor does it again indicating the Doctors. Participants close their eyes again. Instructor does it for the third time indicating the Police Officers, and the game begins.

Everyone stays with their eyes closed, killers open their eyes and show to the instructor who they want to kill. They close their eyes. doctors show the instructor who they save. They close their eyes and everyone opens them. Instructor reveals the dead and participants have to vote openly who they think the killer is.

Everyone closes their eyes again and The Police arrests one of the participants. The game goes on until the police finds the killers.

On the educational side of the game, stereotypes, jumping into conclusions or the unjust system are in the center of the post discussion. This game is perfect for closure of the arrival day when everyone is tiered physically yet motivated to stay after session and bond faster.

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