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How to not be in love with Georgia and Georgians?

If you like good food, incredible nature, unusual language, cosmic traditional dances – you should come to Georgia! You will leave your heart in this small country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe.

On the not so big territory you’ll be able to discover the Black sea coast in Batumi, climb mountains in fantastic Svaneti region or just go to Kazbegi, develop caves or drink wine in Alazani valley.

If you are a fan of archeology, history and historical stories, legends and fairytales – you will definitely need good memory to listen and remember millions of stories. And be ready meet sightseeing from 10 or 5-3 century B.C. easily in capital or small village.

After going around beautiful landscapes, churches, museums, historical building, climbing few hills you will need to stop and recover. Probably you have heard about khinkali (Georgian dumplings with meet) and khachapuri (something like a calzone with a Georgian cheese, suluguni, or with beans). But except this you also have to try just everything in Georgian cuisine which is consist from dishes from different Georgian regions. Vegetarians and meat-eaters will be pleasantly surprised with the variety of dishes, spices and herbs. And do not forget to taste white wine, red wine, chacha, cognac and lemonades!

One of the best ways to experience and understand Georgian traditions of eating, drinking and enjoying life is Supra, the Georgian table.

After having some good food you’ll need to dance! Of course, you will need some time to learn traditional Georgian dances (maybe all your life will be not enough for it :)). The vigorous, vibrant men leap high in the air; clash swords amidst flying sparks and razor sharp daggers are thrown into the floor in a frenetic, breathtaking choreography. All this is contrasting with the women’s graceful, elegant and beautiful dances. Fabulous multi-colored costumes from the many mountain regions, wild drumming, accompanied by sound of pipes and accordions… The impression is mesmerizing and truly unforgettable!

And next comes music! The Georgian polyphonic music tradition is world-renowned and calls upon an enchanting combination of ancient and modern harmonies. In 2001 UNESCO acknowledged this music as “a masterpiece of the world’s intangible cultural heritage”. Its unique, slightly dissonant style has not changed for centuries.

It is impossible to express all the feelings which Georgia will wake up in you… Just pure love ❤

Come and check!

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