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Happy International Translation Day!- Interview with translator Ralitsa Manolova

Many people are unaware that September 30th is International Translation Day.  Four years ago, on 24 May 2017, the General Assembly adopted a resolution- 71/288 on the role of language professionals in connecting nations and fostering peace, understanding, and development, and declared 30 September as International Translation Day. 

Interpreters and translators have very important jobs. They are responsible for bringing people together and for sharing new and exciting information that was previously only accessible to members of a specific culture. Their work can impact relationships between different countries and even change the course of history. 

International Translation Day is to be celebrated on September 30th each year because that is the feast day of St. Jerome, the patron saint of translation.

today our guest is Ralica manolova. She is a Bulgarian, English, and Korean languages translator. In the interview, we talk about translation difficulties, challenges, the profession of translator…

let’s listen to us 


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