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Games from The streets of Grandma and Grandpa

“Games from the streets of Grandma and Grandpa”- is a project name in Sliven which has started in November last year and continues now. The idea for the project belongs to MR, Milkov, and Dora Pondalova from Humanitarian high school in Sliven. The main donor of the project is “ Lidl”- a German international discount retailer chain.
Through the project “On the street of grandparents” we aim to bring the participants back to their roots, and through the games to make them look at the lives of children who lived in the past to be healthier and happier.
Another problem is that modern children living more in cyberspace have a low motor culture. Traditional children’s games are considered as part of the traditional motor culture.
Two events were held with children on April 14 under the auspices of the project.
The first one was at kindergarten ” Detstvo” at the “Mladost” neighborhood. The next visit was to a second school was OU “Elisaveta Bagryana”. We worked at the Second school with children of Club “Journalist” the teacher is Gergana Stoyanova.
“We played different games with the children. The children really enjoyed this leisure and they will look forward to new visits from the project team”

Also, the competition for drawings was held as part of the project that will illustrate the collected and published games in the e-book “Let’s play the games of grandparents” designed by the Foundation “Benevolence” – Sliven, whose main goal is to promote the rich intangible cultural heritage and get closer to modern digital children.
The project was implemented thanks to the largest socially responsible initiative of Lidl Bulgaria “You and Lidl for a better life”, in partnership with the Foundation “Workshop for Civic Initiatives” and the Bulgarian Donors’ Forum.
The competition was attended by students from NHG “D. Dobrovich ”,“ PK Yavorov ”High School, and“ Bratya Miladinovi ”Primary School, and 32 drawings were handed over.
A professional jury reviewed and selected 15 drawings to illustrate the texts of the games. Among the fifteen selected drawings, three were awarded and will be awarded prizes.
Play is the basis of everything in which life finds fun and is the best form of communication that teaches us to share.
The e-book “Let’s play the games of grandparents” will be distributed in schools and kindergartens and promoted digitally on Internet sites, platforms and groups. The purpose of this e-book is to make teenagers look at the lives of children who lived in the past to be healthier and happier.

The Festival of Ancient Games “Let’s Play Together” is coming up on June 1 it will be at Sliven city garden.

Journalist: Oleh Horb


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