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Fun Навън Fest – Fun Outdoor 2020

One of the biggest explosions of emotions this summer took place in the small mountain town of Tryavna. Being cuddled in the mountain, embraced by the fresh air of the forests, Tryavna is a cosy small place which inspires the artists with its enlightenment architecture and spirit.

Its convenient location in central Bulgaria makes it an easy to reach destination for a one-day trip or a longer holiday. Naturally, it becomes a perfect place for a small summer family festival…outdoor!

Fun Навън („Навън“ means “outdoor” and rhymes well with “fun”) is a lovely weekend for everyone:

  • For parents to spend some time with their kids painting together and grab a beer later and enjoy a concert show;
  • For grandparents to leave the garden and the kitchen for a while and feel the energy of the youngsters or watch happily their talented grandchild on stage;
  • For brothers and sisters to stand hand by hand in a sports competition;
  • For little kids to roll on the grass, dance, paint and play;
  • For bigger kids to show their creativity and talents;
  • For teens to understand what a festival atmosphere is;
  • For couples to hug under the stars during the cinema nights;
  • For rock music fans to headbang;
  • For everyone who wants to feel free and happy!

Fun Навън started in 2019 as a simple idea for a few-hour event with outdoor painting and music. Then many ideas came, more elements were added, many organisations offered to help and, finally, a three-day festival was announced. The event had quite a success, so the organizers decided to try to turn it into a tradition. Obviously, however, all the challenges in relation to the COVID-19 situation, the second edition of the festival took place in the middle of August once again.

Everything was made possible thanks to the enormous energy and support of volunteers from Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey, Greece, France, Latvia, Estonia, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, most of whom are volunteers under the European Solidarity Corps Programme of the European Union. They represent different Bulgarian NGOs, but during the festival, they united their experience, creativity and positive mood to make local people and guests feel good.

Well, we think this teamwork gave great results! What we and all the people around enjoyed during the festival…WOW! Theatre, concerts, a stage for young talents, karate demonstration, natural cosmetic workshops, zero waste lectures, sports activities, creative workshops, night cinema, hammock garden, early morning yoga, aerial yoga, fire shows, eco challenges, healthy food, cold craft beer, presents, friendships, FUN!

All this is realized thanks to the financial support of the European Solidarity Corps Programme, many sponsors and Tryavna Municipality.

Let there be FUN навън!


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