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Food waste- a gigantic iceberg, dressed as an innocent snowflake that will sink every ship.

Why does it look so innocent?

It happens to all of us – the fridge is full, we forget about something and it goes bad. The food packaging is not the right size – if only it could be smaller… It’s just some potato peels, some potato peels are not going to change the world. The food companies will create more food than necessary anyway. It doesn’t matter who throws away the scraps – supermarkets or me…

Flaw in the planning.

All wasted food is a big waste of money, human labor, machines, fuel, electricity, soil and water in a huge amount. In order to make the machines and create the fuel, we also need huge amounts of other resources, in order to get those we need even more resources, and in the process we increase pollution. If you throw away just a few grams of food, it is still a big deal. These few grams turn into kilograms and tons really fast. And you are not the only one!

We will not stay on this planet forever and we can’t keep our planet alive forever. The human population is growing and we need more and more food, more of everything. Till we end up in an empty desert.

But our actions are strong enough to make our home a wonderful place even after a hundred years!


Obviously, there are many problems in the food industry, which is one of the reasons for wasted food. And we could say-

THE GOVERNMENT should do something…

SCIENTISTS haven’t invented…

All the mean, money-driven, LYING AND CHEATING COMPANIES… should just become better people!

But what do you think- can the government affect people more strongly than people affect the government?

Do big companies affect people more strongly than people affect companies?

But what if I told you… Your choices are a gigantic problem, that causes more problems than flaws in the system. We are stronger than we think.


What do you think, what can you do?

Something super easy! Barely extra work!

  1. Find more recipes! If you’re not, then the Internet is full of ideas. There are so many food products that we don’t know how to use fully. (Carrot peels, greens, potato peels, beet peels and leaves, and a lot more)
  2. Go to the supermarket with a plan. When you go hungry, use your memory and brain and do not buy more than you need.
  3. Save your money! The biggest amount of food waste is created by households. Companies want to save money- AND YOU? Every piece of food you throw away is money and wasted future investment. Don’t forget you also pay for packaging.
  4. Think about your health. Is all the food really good for you? Where was it made? What are the ingredients?
  5. Learn how to store your food properly.

Eat healthily! Be responsible! Take care of the world!

by Vineta Krivane

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