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Fake Pandemic

The new Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the world. In addition to institutions and events,  the issue of pandemics has overshadowed previously important topics around the world. It also brought Political activism to a stop. At the same time, it gave rise to new controversies. In spite of the fact, pandemic united people of different beliefs against the invisible enemy.


With the increase in number of infected people in the world, the number of fake news about Coronavirus is growing. Lot of myths have emerged. Some about the symptoms of the virus, some about the ways how to treat it. Most of them are partially or completely lie. Social networks play an important role in spreading false information. In addition, there were cases when popular editions wrote about it. I will attempt to provide you with the correct information on some of them.



  • Whether a face mask is necessary or not


According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who feel healthy should not wear a mask. On the contrary, it can increase the risk of spreading the disease, if it is used incorrectly. Masks should necessarily be used by patients infected with COVID-19 and the medical staff working with them.


  • Can heat kill the Coronavirus or not


According to the World Health Organization, artificial increase of temperature and sterilization of ultraviolet lamps are not recommended. Although, it was suggested that the change in weather and heat would kill the virus, the experts say that it has not been confirmed.



  • Whether a child gets Coronavirus or not


Any person of any age can be infected with COVID-19, but it should be noted that the elderly and people with chronic diseases are at risk and it is more difficult for their body to deal with the virus.


  • Is it possible to be infected by International shipping and Mailing?


Researchers suggest that receiving letters and parcels may not be a reason to be infected. The virus does not stay alive on the surface or thing for a long time.


  • Recovered people can not be reinfected with COVID-19


Unfortunately, this information is also a myth. According to infectious disease specialists, there are several cases in the world when a recovered patient has been reinfected.


  • Coronavirus and Traditional Medicine


You would often see information as if eating garlic and drinking water every 15 minutes would prevent COVID-19, but that’s not true, of course. Garlic is actually beneficial for health, but it is not a proven method in this regard. Except for this, drinking alcohol was considered a way of defense, however, this is not confirmed by science. They only recommend cleaning items and surfaces. At this stage, there is no cure or vaccine against the virus and specialists suggest that it will take several months to create one. Until then, the most effective way is to follow sanitary norms and social distancing. So, stay at home and follow the recommendations of infectious disease specialists.

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