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Erasmus + gives wings!

Erasmus + has been one of the most popular EU programmes in recent years. A lot of money is invested in this programme in order to give the opportunity to young people, youth workers, teachers, specialist to travel, discover other nations and cultures, exchange good practices, cooperate and work on new policies.

Last month, Kalin Vasilev from TarnovoRuns and Teodora Stoycheva and Denitsa Tzaneva from “The Change is in You” Association returned from an amazing training course in Klaffer, Austria, co-financed by the Erasmus + Programme. That was not the first participation of the young people in a similar activity, but they all shared that “FACE – Facilitation is Easy”, as is the project’s title, was one of the best trainings they have ever attended.

The aim of the training course was to empower youth workers with the tools and skills to be good facilitators, to manage great workshops, to grab the attention of the audience and be able to influence them and engage them till the very end.

During the training a lot of information was given on the aim of the programme and its main elements, but all the sessions were extremely practical and involving. People from 8 European countries were brought together to learn, exchange ideas and, finally, create new workshops.

After their return from Austria, Kalin, Teodora and Denitsa quickly organized a presentation of the project at Freedom 21 – co-working space in Veliko Tarnovo, which was happy to host them.

Representatives of “отГОворните“, “Future World” Association, TarnovoRuns, Darplay centre were there to learn new methods and techniques, but also other people interested in youth work.

Three hours were not enough for the enthusiast to transfer their knowledge to the audience, but they managed briefly to present day by day the programme, the activities they experienced and the new things they learnt.

Teodora Stoycheva shared some more information about these with E-volution Radio.

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