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In Western Christianity, the feast commemorates principally the visit of the Magi to the Christ Child, and thus Jesus’ physical manifestation to the Gentiles. In Sliven the celebration will be solemnly celebrated with events organized by the Municipality of Sliven, the Sliven Metropolitanate, Military Formation 22220 and the Association “St. George the Victorious”. Epiphany water liturgy and removal of the Holy Cross from the waters of the Novoselska River was be performed in 6th of January. In Sliven, this celebration was held this year. When we arrived to place, the first military orchestra played some Bulgarian march and we started to walk the near of Novoselska River. Then, many people are gathered around the river and papa started to conduct a religious ceremony and the people joined this ritual. They created an amazing atmosphere in the place. After that, 7 young men took off their clothes and they prepared to take the cross from the river. The papa made some speeches and threw the cross into the water. After this, young men tried to take the cross by jumping into the water. people congratulated the winner and had emotional moments. the celebration continued and some men wore traditional clothes and played in the river Bulgarian Horo dance. when we spoke with the winner he talks about the event he said that I never feel cold and it is very healthy .i was very happy for the win .they did fireworks and old rocket show .then that when the men go out the river continued the Bulgarian Horo dance with the people and there were emotional moments. latest some people shared food and drink.


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