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E-Volution Radio musical programming

We are pleased to present to you the new E-Volution Radio musical schedule from now on. To every day its own vibes:


  • On Monday you feel tired of your weekend? Don’t want to go back to work? We’ll get you out of bed with some smooth blues and soul music, then give you the energy to go through this week with some funky after beats.
  • On Tuesday, you are truly waking up. Transition begins with chill reggae pulses, from the rootest roots and continues with a more urban touch of rap, trap and hip-hop flow to get you back on the ground.
  • On Wednesday, time to go. Let’s travel through a Country – Indie rock playlist, which introduces our journey with an exploration of the far west. Then, when the mind really wants to evade, we’ll make you feel the atmosphere of dozens of different places from Asia, Africa, South America and many more, through a folk world music compilation. In the evening we’ll land back to Bulgaria with a Ska-Balkan party playlist.
  • On Thursday, it feels that the week will never end. You’ll need another shot of adrenaline to get back to it. Good thing that this day is dedicated to that. Progam is simple, rock in the morning, metal in the evening, just deal with it.
  •  Friday is virtually weekend, no? So let’s begin our electronic agenda with the healing beats of dub music. Then you’ll dive deeper and deeper into a mix of chill electro, oriental waves, deep house, and hard techno.
    And every Saturday at 9 pm, to give you motivation for the rest of the night, a live set from Milinsky.
  • After this electronic experience, time to rest and prepare for next week. On Sunday afternoon, we’ll support your afterparty hangovers with some sweet jazzy songs, swing music and old school rock’n roll classics. And speaking of classic, we’ll transport you through the night with a classical partition. Best way to conclude a week and begin the next one.

We hope you’ll enjoy the sound of E-Volution Radio,
All the best,

Radio E-Volution team

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