Radio E-volution

The musical E-volution

Every day, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, you will have a special selection of music tracks that are far from commercial and in the future we will try to follow the Creative Commons policy for sharing non-copyrighted music for non-commercial projects – what is Radio E-Voice.

Night Music Mix:

Of course, in the late evening hours, and throughout the night, we will focus on the alternative sounds of the different musical genres. Our searches in these hours will go through jazz, rock, blues, new waves, ska, ethno, world, reggae, and so on. Shades on the musical skyscraper. For anyone who wants to hear something different, this is where they can do it:

Monday – Hip Hop

Tuesday – Funk and jazz

Wednesday – Brit Rock

Thursday – Reggаe

Friday – Balkan party


And be aware of what is happening

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