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This is a show for tге things that happen every day around us. It will affect topics and issues from very different areas: ecology, religion, philosophy, politics, civil society, globalization, media. We will try to catch the direction of the wind and the waves of the sea, so to be prepared when we decide to go into the deep waters. Purpose of the show is to maintain a live connection with our listeners, so we can discuss and look for the maximum number of different perspectives on a particular issue. The choice of a topic for one broadcast will be linked to specific things that provoke us and we are quite intersted in them. We’ll try to avoid statement as expert opinion, but whenever it is possible we will look for one.
The show will follow the good examples and news around the world and in the country we are, so not to be complacent for the positive side of the human development.
Music that will seal the talks will also be of all genres and years, but will emphasize alternative rock, rock’n’roll, punk, jazz, new wave, ska and reggae.
You can be with this show every Thursday at 20.00 h or follow us in Mixcloud

Summer vacation 30th of June – 01st of September

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