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Dignity – safeguarding of children and young people

DIGNITY is a publication for youth workers on the subject of safeguarding. The subject deals with the issue of protecting children and young people against various forms of abuse. The aim of the publication is to raise awareness on safeguarding within youth work settings, through providing a theoretical framework and sharing good practices existing within DBYN. As a result we aim at the capacity building of youth work organisations on the level of safeguarding.

Description of the tool

DIGNITY is a publication to support youth workers in ensuring safeguarding of children
and young people in intercultural settings of youth work.
Safeguarding is a subject of growing importance in youth work. It deals with the subject
of protecting children and young people against various forms of abuse. As such
it is closely connected to Human Rights Education: each form of abuse is a violation
of the Universal declaration of Human Rights. This subject is in many youth organizations
still taboo. However, we need to be aware that in every type of organised youth
work we can be confronted with cases of abuse.
Unfortunately there are not many resource materials available for youth workers to
deal with this issue. Don Bosco Youth-Net has experience of implementing safeguarding
in its activities. Through this publication we want to share this good practice with
other youth work organizations, by offering a tool to support the development of safeguarding
in their organizations and to create awareness on the topic of safeguarding in
working with children and young people.
The book exists of three parts: In the first part we research the ethical foundations of
safeguarding in working with youth. The second compares the human rights with the
Preventive System of Don Bosco and gives impulses for safeguarding in youth work
praxis. The third part offers some practical input on how to deal with safeguarding in
youth work organizations.

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