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Differences are beautiful – Racism is ugly

All people are different and they are also different in skin color and nationality. Unfortunately,  instead of bringing people together these differences cause separation between them. What is the background of this racist way of thinking? Maybe the lack of tolerance in society, the desire of the ego to be better than the others, the lack of even simple human values.

Imagine that  all of us had the same appearance, the same character, the same way of life, no differences at all. Would it be interesting to live in this kind of world? To look at the people around you and see only yourself everywhere, to have nothing to share because the other already knows it and has it.

Therefore we have to learn to judge the other person simply not by his appearance but by what he carries inside, by his heart and intellect. All of us are souls with bodies, not bodies with souls and we should cherish each person like we love ourselves. Racism is ugly, it brings us nowhere. One person’s appearance cannot show us how good he is, how smart he is, its just a costume, a mask that we need to carry. If you want to know someone, you better look at his actions – not at his appearance.


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