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Diaries Of Generation_ Svetlomir Edrev

Have you ever wondered how many unusual, strange and different sounds hear throughout the day? Have you ever been blind and tried to recognize people’s voices by their timbre, tone, and rhythm?

Have you ever tried,  only listening with your ear and mind to news that happens very far away from unknown persons?

Sometimes people’s voices say more about them than words. Often, hearing these sounds is like discovering new horizons in our life. Maybe that is a reason why we decided to create our new rubric.

Every week, different people from different countries, from different continents share their audio diaries.

our next respondent is Svetlomir Edrev from Bulgaria. 19 years old guy who studies,   creates music, write lyrics,  play guitar, reads books, make podcast, travel, and take care of his friends and dear people.

many years ago, because of some reason, he decided to create music.  Now, he studies at Plovdiv University pop and jazz performing arts,  Svetlomir’s music is full of emotions and his interesting podcasts are diverse and so cognitive.

Svetlomir made  Auidodiaries in that week for our rubric, Try to see what you hear

Enjoy to listening

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