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DASHE: between tradition and modern sounds

The DASHE project was created in 2016, and presented at the Festival “Wake Up”.

Some members have been friends for a long time, others have taken part in the project more recently, but the passion for music has brought the band members on the same path!
The members of the band are: Miroslav Demirev (Didgeridoo), Illiya Yanakiev (Bagpipe), Kristiyan Gochev (Didgeridoo) and the creator of the project Dimitar Dashev (Dj and Bagpipe).

Their love for Bulgaria and the wonderful traditions of this country have brought them together and led them to develop a very special style, a style that blends heavy bass and sounds from an ancient culture. Their goal, in fact, is to keep alive the traditions of Bulgarian giving them a new spirit through the use of dubstep and drum n bass, that ignites in the soul of young listeners a desire to rediscover the traditions, looking for a change within themselves to improve the country, to continue to fight for a better Bulgaria.

The band loves to use excerpts from speeches, films and poems by famous Bulgarian artists such as Todor Kolev, Djoko Rossich, Georgi Kaloyanchev, Anton Donchev. There are already more than 20 author’s songs, sampled with kaval, kabaka bagpipe, doubles, drum and dijeridou!


Here you can find the interview with Illiya Yanakiev!

Enjoy it.



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