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Cultural life in Sliven

Everything has a beginning and an end. Although, life has not yet returned to normal, the lockdown was canceled. Despite some restrictions, but entertainment places still function. Eventually this will end as well. Due to the pandemic we once more realized  how much human relationships mean. We also realized the importance of culture, which has led us in various ways during the period of life unusual for us.

While governments are only talking about the economic crisis and doctors are fighting the pandemic on the front line, we must not forget the people who, even in such a difficult period, create works of art that acquire special significance at such a time. I want to talk to you about them today.

Sliven is not a small town, but not big enough either, to think that teaching 70 youngsters,  who are in love with music, is simple thing. This is exactly what Nayden Doynov has been doing for 10 years. The classical guitar teacher returned to his hometown in 2010. After that, he shares his experience with young people from other cities and countries. According to him, the guitar school “Coda” helps young people to take the first steps in music. This is the reason why after graduating from this school, most of them continue their studies at the Music Academy

The 2020 pandemic, like everyone else, has changed his plans. Nevertheless, the musician was not intimidated by the challenges and continued his training through online courses. It should also be noted that this practice was not foreign to him. Because it had similar types of courses before the pandemic. He has had and still has a number of students from different Bulgaria cities and different countries who share their experiences with the help of modern technology.


The musician also remembered 3 years ago when the guitar school had its own ensemble and they held a lot of concerts. Although he no longer has an ensemble, still gives small concerts. When I asked about the attitudes of new generations towards music, the musician hopes to answer that there is a lot of potential in them. He adds, that desire alone is not enough. It takes a lot of time and work to achieve the goal. Some people realize this and continue on their way, while others just stop. As Nayden Doynov says, music is in you and helps you to overcome all the difficulties that are necessary to achieve the goal.

He doesn’t talk much about future plans, but he says for a free artist, it doesn’t matter if you are a musician, an artist or someone else, despite adjusting to a new reality, a pandemic is a very difficult period. When everyone’s attention is focused on something else around the world, and you’re a person who just can’t live without music.

The next person we should talk about is the artist Ilian Urumov. After 25 years in Sofia, she has returned to her hometown of Sliven for 2 years and instills in young people a love of painting and art. He said, that the interest is also great, because the younger generation has the motivation to feel that painting is not just a way to earn money, it is a way to express love for art. The pandemic changed everything for him, but at the same time nothing. His job is mostly to work in his own studio, although sharing creativity is most important for an artist right after creating a pattern.

So, the new reality has brought us new challenges. Whether we like it or not, we will all have to get used to it until everything returns to normal. Until then, we must remember that no matter if you are a doctor, a musician, an artist or a teacher, everyone is fighting against a common enemy with all the forces they can and everyone’s role, regardless of profession, is important to return to a quiet life, which we love so much and need.



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