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“Clear the forest-calm the soul” – cleaning event in Sliven

t“Clear the forest-calm the soul”- is the name of the event which was held by Language High school “Zahari Stoyanov”  at Sliven. 

 In connection with the 50th anniversary of its establishment, the language high school organized cleaning of the forest in the district “klutzohor”.

The volunteers started the gathering earlier, at 10 am. The volunteers greeted each other with a smile. Pollution of the garbage dump everyone started with great diligence. “taking care of nature means we actually take care of ourselves”; “this is vital that we and students realize how important it is to take care of nature”, “this is a great connection”- These are some of the answers,  I heard from them, when I asked them about the cleaning aim.  

Teachers and pupils invited anyone who was willing to get involved and wanted to take part in the cleaning event. The editorial staff of Radio E-volution also joined them in this event.

That cleaning event was a beginning stage of the subsequent gentrification of the wooded area through the planting of the 50 trees, in line with high school years. The 50 planted trees will be one of the symbols to mark the 50th anniversary of the school.

 The event ended in the afternoon. Volunteers collected several bags of garbage.   stock of gloves was provided by the directorate of the Blue Stones Natural Park. 

Here is an interview with students and teachers. They are talking about a cleaning event, what it means for them to take care of the environment and what is the main message that they want to tell the people.


Tamar Chkhikvadze

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