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Christmas tales of the goodness Vol.1: Mariana Pencheva


It is Christmas. As we prepare for a feast with our loved ones, we open our presents, and we open our hearts. The smell of hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies fills the air while the noise of children laughing and playing outside echoes around us. The Christmas mood is infectious. That is why we, the team of Radio E-volution, decided to share with you real Christmas tales of goodness to make you believe in miracles and present you the angels that walk among us every day, spreading kindness.

Today we introduce Mariana Pencheva- a teacher, a parent, and an inspiration. Mariana is from Gabrovo. Her studies brought her to Veliko Tarnovo, where she got an M.A. in Philosophy. After graduating, Mariana decided to become a teacher. In 2010, she succeeded and started working at the boarding school in Gostilitsa village. Later on, Mariana became deputy headmistress. She even moved to live in Gostilitsa in her grandmother’s house to be closer to the kids. She loved them, and they loved her back.

Eight years ago, Mariana magically transformed herself from a teacher to a parent. It all happened when the authorities decided to close the boarding school. Some children had no other chance for development and education, and their families could not care for them. That is why she took up 10 of her students at her home, hoping to give them a secure environment to learn and grow.

Currently, she takes care of 9 children. They live together in Veliko Tarnovo, where Mariana works as a pedagogical advisor at Pencho Rachev Slaveykov Primary School.

Throughout the years, Mariana’s story became so popular that it has been featured in the history textbook for 9th grade. She has got a bunch of awards: “Mother of the Year” in 2015; “Woman of the Year” in 2016; “Worthy Bulgarians” in 2015; “European Citizen’s Prize” in 2016; “White Swallow” in 2016; “Woman of the Decade” in 2019. But the most important award she has ever got is the kids’ happiness.

This year Mariana and her extended family are dedicating some of their time during the holidays to helping those in need. They will provide food and presents for people who cannot afford them.
You can hear more about the enchanting story of Mariana and her children in the recording below.

Have a happy holiday and enjoy listening!



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