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Christmas Market in Sliven

Aromatic lavender and roses cosmetics, Honey,  tasty cheese, different types of tea, Meat products made by traditional Bulgarian techniques, straw, white and red wine, Christmas compositions – these are a small part of the  “Christmas market” which was held in front of the municipality building in Sliven. 

Fermerski Bazar- as local people call farmers market is a favorite activity of the locals. Lots of people gather here in the morning, taste traditional products, laugh and talk to each other. If you ask farmers something,  they will tell and explain everything about their agricultural and cosmetic products. According to Sliven’s Mayor Stefan Radev, the ambition is to hold the farmers’ market on a monthly basis.  On the one hand, local food producers will receive incentives and support in their activities, on the other – will offer abundance and access to traditional Bulgarian products.

Elena Koleva presents her family’s wine at the Christmas market. Her family made wine for several years and gave it the name “downtown Urban winery” which is located in Sliven.  They have got three types of wine. That year was perfect for their grapes and  They are going to grow every year.  Elena is going to follow her family business and grow that winery.

“We have prepared herbal combinations for our clients, as well as tinctures, which should help people with various diseases. We are the third generation of herbalists, we make ours according to old recipes”- said Venelina, who was presented with Herbal tea on the market. 

“Lavender Paradise” is a small brand which is based in Sliven. Alex talks to us about their products: “- Lavender oil and water are our main materials, also we have got soups with lavender, Himalayan soup and, small dry lavenders in packets. These are so useful and so healthy for your life- said Alex. 

according to the municipality information, they are going to take place farmer’s market for the next, but because of  covid-19 restrictions, it is difficult to predict when the situation will be ready for the next market.

for more information about Christmas Market in Sliven and farmers  check Audio and enjoy listening 

Journalists: Tamar Chkhikvadze, Oleh Horb

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