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Diaries of Generation- Kaloyan Matekov

Have you ever wondered how many unusual, strange and different sounds we hear throughout the day? Have you ever been blind and tried to recognize people’s voices by their timbre, tone, rhythm? Have you ever tried,  only listened with your ear and mind to news that happens very far away[…]

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Fun Навън Festival in Tryavna

Fun Навън – that is the name of a festival which is held in Tryavna. This year was the third edition of the festival organized by Future World Association and Serendipia Foundation. Fun Навън is a festival in the urban environment that aims to promote art, nature-friendly and healthy lifestyle[…]

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Tryavna summer camp

Ivo can easily tell you which waste we can recycle, Alexandra speaks English very well, Vesela is very fond of environmental games, Monica especially loves nature- these kids are a small part of the team I met a week ago in the city of Tryavna, in an environmental summer camp.[…]

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The harvest festival in Tervel

The harvest festival is the name of a celebration which is held at Tervel. This year was the second edition of the event organized by Tervel municipality. The festival revived the old Bulgarian traditions. The Tervel region is known in Bulgaria as the capital of bread. The “harvesters” thanked the[…]

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