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Matter of Cultural activity, cultural activities matters!

Interview of three active people of the city of Veliko Tarnovo and its surrondings, Lars Nordby, Denica Milusheva and Nicolas Tagnati. Topics: contemporary art, artist residencies, actualities related to the art scene. Great musical breaks. (the audiosound is not always really good, sorry for your ears)[…]

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Avocado Bulletin – November edition

Hi friends! We are happy to present you the last edition of Avocado bulletin – November. A lot of interesting information, articles and other surprises 🙂 Have a nice time with it:

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International day for Tolerance

The International Day for Tolerance is marked every year on 16 November in order to create awareness about the principles of tolerance. It is a day for respecting the cultures, beliefs and traditions of others and understanding the risks posed by intolerance.  

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The Interview about Generation Z

Generation Z Interview Problems affecting young people and affecting their lives. Today the scientist Khathouna Maisashvili spoke with us on this topic. Ms.Khathouna – Candidate of Science in Mass Communication, Associate Professor of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of Tbilisi State University

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Protests in Bulgaria

The 2020 Bulgarian protests are series of ongoing demonstrations that are being held in Bulgaria, mainly in the capital Sofia, as well as cities with large Bulgarian diaspore. Today we will speak about what the young people think about the protests, what changed with this demonstrations in the country and[…]

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Life with COVID-19

Today is July 27, 2020 and the world is still fighting against the virus named COVID-19. It started at the beginning of the year and from that time a lot of things changed. World health organization told us to keep distance, stay at home, work from home, study from home,[…]

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Travel to Liberation of Bulgaria

Hey,  it’s Elza from Georgia and Omer from Turkey. We are volunteers in Radio E-volution of Sliven.   On 16, 17 and 18 July 2020, was held the march on the Battle Road of the detachment of Hadzhi Dimitar and Stefan Karadja, where we took a part in. We met a[…]

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